spartan flag ancient greece

spartan flag ancient greece

As the capital city of greece, athens has intrigued tourists around the world for centuries with its plethora of cultural landmarks, some of which date back to the fifth century bc.

The greeks invented democracy, started the olympics, built the foundations of western arts and culture, and loved a good party.

Ancient greece pictures explore a culture that some call the birthplace of civilization. Check out pictures of the parthenon, acropolis, and other sites.

Maps from different periods in time show how greece went from being a country to becoming an ancient superpower.

Greece, a country in southeastern europe whose peninsula extends from the balkans into the mediterranean sea, is mountainous, with many gulfs and bays.

The boule was an ancient greek council of citizens who met in the agora they were responsible for electing officials and public finances.

The geographical features of ancient greece included various mountains and hills, volcanoes and the numerous islands that interspersed the country along th the geographical feature.

These were religious events and athletic competitions held in ancient greece.

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