spartan flag meaning

spartan flag meaning

A crest bearing a spartan helmet with the american flag overlaying it. Molon labe (meaning come and take), the famous words spoken by king leonidas to.

Because the spartan flag features our logo, it must be considered as part of the leeming spartan cricket club brand, meaning there are rules which apply as to.

At the background is the stars and stripes of the american flag with. Molon labe tattoo inspirations, primarily because of the high definition spartan helmet is over the.

We discuss in detail the translation, meaning and history behind the popular phrase molon labe ( ) and how it has evolved.

Molon labe (or ) is a classical greek phrase meaning come and take them,.

The phrase molon labe is attributed to king leonidas of sparta, or rather leonidas i of sparta, who famously led a contingent of 300 spartans.

Molon labe modern spartan t-shirt molon labe origin greek molon lave. Molon labe decal, american flag art, jeep decals, spartan helmet, 2016 jeep.

Spartans will! This deluxe, green, 3 x 5 flag features an printed spartan helmet and spartans will on both sides and grommets for hanging.

The spartan symbol gained meaning in strength, loyalty, courage, and honor.