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Intensive cytological investigation of spartina, carried out in the department of botany, university of southampton, has revealed chromosome numbers which.

Spartin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the spg20 gene.

Located in west hollywood, spartina is a market driven cal-italian eatery from esteemed chef stephen kalt.

Spartina densiflora (dense-flowered cordgrass) is a rhizomatous perennial grass (family poaceae) found in salt marshes in humboldt bay and san francisco.

Spartina alterniflora invasion controls organic carbon stocks in coastal marsh and mangrove soils across tropics and subtropics figures related&n.

Spartina alterniflora is one of the most noxious invasive plants in china and many other regions.

The importance of spartina alterniflora to atlantic coast estuaries.

The intertidal salt marshes of the atlantic and gulf coasts of the united states are dominated by the perennial grass, spartina alternifloraloisel.