spartin spray

spartin spray

A combination of powerful surfactants with odor-killing quaternary ammonium.

To avoid injury to sensitive crops, spray equipment used for spartan. Charge herbicide applications must be drained and thoroughly cleaned with water.

Repels mosquitoes and ticks, including mosquitoes that may transmit west nile virus, chikunandguya, dengue and zika and ticks carrying lyme disease and.

Premium rear extract type spray booth offering high levels of performance at an affordable price, suited to applications with a medium to high throughput.

, rtu the first quat-based all purpose virucidal disinfectant spray in ready-to-use form with epa registered.

A quaternary based, ready-to-use cleanerdeodorizerdisinfectant.

Xpress lcool spray - desenvolvido para a antissepsia instantânea das mos. Enriquecido com os agentes emolientes aloe vera, d-pantenol e glicerina, que.