sti spartan 3

sti spartan 3

Kdybys řekl že s tm chce střlet 2-3 tisce ročn, tak v tom by byl spartan asi ok, ale 10 tisc ran ročn už je na tuto pistoli docela dost.

Slezsk 73, 130 00 praha 3, fax 267 312 173, e-mail bvsbvs.

Sti spartan iii experience? Anyone have any experience with this model? I understand that the frames and slides are made by armscor to sti.

This compact, single stack model has been made just for them. Spartan iii has a very fitting name, it is a very much a no frills design with straight lines that functions.

Despite hearing a lot of bad reviews on this forum about sti, i bit and got an sti spartan iii in 9mm.

Armscor sti spartan iii san antonios premier new & used gun store.

Item has been relisted, you can find the new listing at httpswww.

I know the government sized spartan gets a thumbs up from most.

Sti spartan iii 1911 compact pistol 100-30919009, 9mm, 3 in, steel frame, checkered mahogany grips, parkerized finish.