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Steve spartin is a managing director for jll, based in washington, dc. Steves entire focus is on tenant representation with a specialization on strategic planning,.

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Spartin is identified as a fk506-binding protein by using mrna display. Fk506 inhibits interaction of spartin with lipid droplet-associated.

Number in spartin mutants, and there is also a dramatic increase in satellite boutons. Satellite bouton phenotypes are characterized by the presence of.

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Spartin, spg20 antibody rabbit polyclonal from proteintech validated in western blot (wb), immunoprecipitation (ip), immunohistochemistry (ihc),.

Spartin, spastic paraplegia gene 20, mitochondrial dysfunctions, pyruvate. Inserting a premature stop codon in the spartin protein, where.

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Spartin f24d does not localize to the midbody and acts in a dominant-negative manner to impair cytokinesis.

Spartin participates in cytokinesis and is recruited to midbodies via its interaction with ist1 (21).